We strive to offer students an individualized opportunity at Croisette. Please tell us more about your desire for an internship, part-time job, or Bachelors’/Masters’ degree assignment by submitting your application via Eduwork or fill out the form.

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Croisette is continuously targeting students from real estate-related educations, why we primarily are recruiting by using the platform Eduwork.

Student Evenings 

Every year Croisette invites students to the annual student evening in every office. This to give the students an opportunity to see what possibilities Croisette has to offer them. This also gives the opportunity to meet employees from Croisette at sight, network and meet other students. 

Student Exhibitions 

Croisette visits and displays at different student exhibitions around the country every year including, Branschdagen at Lund University of Technology (LTH), LAVA at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm, FastighetsExpo at Malmö University, Gadden at Gothenburg School of Business and VARM at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg.


We offer students work on the side as interns at Croisette. This is an excellent way for students to take a step into the working life and get to know the workspace and coworkers at Croisette. The goal is to be able to give the intern work after finished studies, if both parties are satisfied. 



Croisette wants to grow in the long term and values competence and experience, motivation and work ethic. We care about our employees and value our employees' opinions and ideas that contribute to improvement and development. We also believe that flexibility to the changing demands of the market is a prerequisite for us to be and remain competitive.

Through good cooperation and great ambitions, we create the best conditions for a successful career at Croisette.

Sandra Amin Head of Marketing & Communications
Sandra Amin

Head of Marketing & Communications

Mob: +46 (0) 728 85 30 83

[email protected]

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