Valuation & Analysis

Croisette offers real estate-related analyzes and independent values. The advisory may provide a basis for decision making, including financing, financial statements and transactions, as well as other decision-making processes associated with the real estate market. We also offer reviews of entire real estate portfolios or single properties to identify hidden revenue opportunities or unjustified expenses.


We provide independent valuations of most property types such as residential rental housing, office-, industrial-, retail- and Public Services properties, as well as undeveloped land and building rights. Banks, municipalities and private property owners are some of our most common clients.

Our great knowledge of the regional markets and the company’s combined expertise within our three business areas enables us to deliver qualified and nuanced market information in valuations and analyses, which facilitates the clients’ decision-making process.

Croisette employs several Authorized Valuers. All valuations are performed, and quality assured by one or more authorized valuers.

The Valuation Process 
The Valuation Process


Croisette works internally on compiling and updating market information on a regular basis. We do this through analyses of completed transactions and trends within relevant markets and segments. This in combination with a constant global monitoring of economic development and monetary policy produces a comprehensive view of the current state and emerging trends of the property market.

Our property valuers have many years of experience in all types of property valuations, analysis, and due diligence processes in all parts of the country, and within all real estate segments. In our daily work, we often encounter discrepancies in property owners' economic enterprises that prevent it from exploiting the full potential of the property.

Croisette offers you, as a property owner, an assessment of the financial status of the objects, to highlight possible opportunities for efficiency.

Croisette provides a variety of analyses of the real estate market. The analyses are tailored to make the most of the results in the customers’ strategic decision-making processes.

Exclusive collaboration with Datcha

Croisette delivers detailed market information for all municipalities in Skåne, Stockholm County and Gothenburg exclusively to Datscha’s web-based analysis tool. Datscha is Sweden’s leading provider of web-based services for information and analysis of commercial properties. Datscha is currently available in Swedish, Finnish and British markets. Datscha has over 1000 corporate customers, most of them active in the finance or real estate industry. Typical users are property owners, consultants, investors, valuers, bank officials, accountants, brokers, lawyers and heads of business. Read more about Datscha.

Charlotte Norell Head of Valuation & Analysis
Charlotte Norell

Head of Valuation & Analysis

Mob: +46 (0) 723 84 83 84

[email protected]
Andreas Joelsson Svenn Head of Valuation & Analysis, Gothenburg
Andreas Joelsson Svenn

Head of Valuation & Analysis, Gothenburg

Mob: +46 (0) 731 50 22 66

[email protected]

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