Croisette leases out to Holy Green in Point Hyllie

Croisette has, on behalf of Annehem, rented a premise in Point Hyllie to Holy Greens.
"- Holy Greens is a strong brand and deserves a prime position, as The Point is. I am convinced that this will be a success !", says Peter Bergquist, Head of Leasing at Croisette Real Estate Partner.
"- It's fantastic that Holy Greens, together with Annehem, have the opportunity to open a restaurant in Hyllie. We are happy that we will manage such a prominent area in The Point. We believe it's a perfect place for useful and sustainable salads, considering all the people who live and work in Hyllie. The area is modern urban design, which embodies the same kind of vision as we and Annhem stand for, ” says David Egonson, CEO and co-founder at Holy Greens.

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Picture: Holy Greens
Photographer: Elin Rosqvist

For more information contact:
Peter Bergquist  Deputy CEO & Head of Leasing
Peter Bergquist

Deputy CEO & Head of Leasing

Mob: +46 (0) 723 84 83 04

[email protected]

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