Digital Property Management & Administration

Croisette offers total solutions concerning property management focusing on digital solutions, smartness and advisory – Digital asset management.

We focus on minimizing the unnecessary work that can be carried out by a computer, the cloud or a machine, in order to elevate availability, customer support and customer experience. Croisette accepts all sorts of asset management tasks, no matter which asset or customer class. We only demand that the client has an open mind towards effectiveness and digitalization.

Contact us for an open-minded meeting and we’ll tell you how we can create added value.

  • Economic asset management
  • Technical asset management
  • Asset Management
  • Project and property developments
  • Commercial and residential property administration
  • IT & systems

Economic Asset Management

From rental billing to closing the books and annual reporting. We’ll handle the entire chain, if requested, and of course as efficiently as possible. Wish to handle parts of the chain yourselves? Of course, you should – we will customize our systems and processes to your wishes.

financial management
asset management

Asset Management

A dedicated manager will handle each client and their requirements or investment criteria. The entire property business is in our care and your dedicated asset manager will keep you continuously up-to-date about what is happening, what will happen and which decisions need to be made in the future.

IT & System

We will make all systems more efficient, externally and internally. IT project management is a natural part of property asset management, managed focusing on increase efficiency.

Commercial and housing administration

Commercial and Residential Property Management

We offer management of all property asset classes; office and retail properties, residential properties, social infrastructure properties, industrial properties, warehouses, logistics properties and more.

Project and Property Development

The needs of tenants change over time. Tenant improvements may be the key to extending a lease or even keeping the tenant. The business decisions are closely related to these issues and we are well familiar with the importance of handling questions like improvements, or other projects, swiftly and efficiently.

Project and property development

Technical Asset Management

We will manage everything from facilities management and gardening to total asset management. We are innovative and looking to find more efficient solutions, every step of the way. Our goal is to have the most digital asset management clients in Sweden.

Why Croisette?

Croisette Real Estate Partner is the most expansive and innovative advisory firm in the real estate industry. We are business oriented and we cherish humble and innovative people who are willing to help us reach our goal at any cost – becoming The World's leading real estate advisory.

peter eriksson

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Peter Eriksson
Head of Digital Property Management & Administration
[email protected]
+46 (0) 723 88 84 04

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