Why choose Croisette as sales advisor?

When representing a seller of a property, we take a holistic approach in structuring, leading, and carrying through the divestment process. This implies an initial analysis, the production of sales material and marketing, valuation of bids, due diligence, and final negotiation and closure of the deal. We also assist the client in procuring and coordinating external consultants, such as legal or tax experts. An important part of the advisory process is the structuring of the transaction in order to optimize competition, a prerequisite for the client to obtain the best possible outcome.

Initial analysis

At the centre of our sell-side advisory is a thorough analysis of the property in question. This we do to ensure the high-quality of all pertinent information and to create the optimal conditions for a divestment as well as to minimise any uncertainty at later stages in the process.

initial analysis
sales material

Sales material

Ahead of all transactions, we will produce high-quality sales material, tailored for each property to optimize interest among potential buyers.

Marketing and bid evaluation

In order to address and answer all potential questions that may arise in the marketing phase it is important to build and maintain a personal contact with all investors. This ensures that each investor will make the highest possible bid at any given time. Alongside the seller, we will then evaluate each bid and bidder, to create the optimal base of decision for the seller.

due diligence

Due diligence (DD)

When the seller has chosen their path forward, the Due diligence is initiated. This allows the buyer to make an economic, technical and legal examination of the property. Croisette offers the seller to apply a data room solution, managed by us, which stores digital documents from the seller and smoothly handles the interaction between the buyer and the seller.

Negotiation and closing

Parallel to the Due diligence process, a transfer of ownership contract is negotiated with the buyer. We will assist the seller throughout this negotiation, until the contract is signed, and the buyer has taken over ownership of the property.

negotiation and closing


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2018-04-30 | Preservia hyresfastigheter AB


Preservia Hyresfastigheter AB has divested the property Gävle Sätra 108:28 to Trenum AB through a sa...

2018-09-24 | Kaj Nilsson divest an industrial portfolio


Kaj Nilsson Holding AB has sold three companies, containing nine industrial properties to the listed...

Why choose Croisette’s transactions advisory?

If you are an investor pondering to buy or sell properties, do not hesitate to contact Croisette Transactions – our team is committed to go the extra mile to surpass your expectations.

Regardless if you are looking to buy or to sell a property, Croisette offers you transactions advisory. We are with you all the way, from initiating the process until completion and signing of the deed and the transfer of ownership.

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