Market Analysis

On behalf of its clients, Croisette conducts a variety of different analyzes. The analyzes are tailored for optimally benefitting the clients’ strategic decision-making. We continuously compile and update market information. This work is done through analyzes of events and trends in relevant markets and sectors, in combination with constant monitoring of current economic and monetary policy trends.

We also conduct cost-saving analyzes by thoroughly analyzing the revenues and costs of each property in order to illustrate potential efficiency gains and possible improvements.

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Market Analysis

Industrial Real Estate in Stockholm


During the last decade Stockholm county has grown with the same number of inhabitants that currently...

Politics and the Real Estate sector


After countless talks between the speaker and the party leaders the new yet old government took its ...

Oversupply of offices in Malmö?


The construction rate of office premises in Malmö has been at an all time high for a long time. Duri...

Exclusive partnership with Datscha

Croisette is an exclusive supplier of detailed market data pertinent to all municipalities in Skåne county, Stockholm county, Västra Götaland countyHallands county, and Uppsala county to Datscha’s web based analysis tool. Datscha is Sweden’s leading provider of web-based information and analysis tools for commercial real estate. Datscha is currently operating in Sweden, Finland, and the UK, with over 1,000 corporate clients mostly in the financial and real estate industries. The users are typically property companies, consultants, investors, valuers, bankers, accountants, brokers, lawyers, and property development managers. Read more about Datscha.

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